All our breads are slow-fermented overnight to two days for better flavour, texture, and crumb, and we use wild yeasts that are cultivated in our mother doughs. We have 3 different mother doughs, each with its own unique flour: a strong, creamy Canadian flour, a heritage stone-ground wholemeal, and finally, our favourite - a malted wheat flour gem that smells of beer, molasses and Marmite. 


We proudly make all our breads using Marriage's flour and Moul-bie flour. Marriage's are one of the country's oldest millers, and have been working from their base in Chelmsford for over 200 years, producing a quality flour that makes our bread even better. Moul-bie are a French mill that is supplied through Marriage's. All their flours are specifically designed to make certain breads, giving them the traditional flavours and qualities expected from artisanal French products.

We sell our products in our shop on Ashley Down Road, and we also have wholesale clients across Bristol, including pubs, restaurants, cafes, and delis. Drop us a line if you'd like more information about this. 

Classic sourdough - what could be better?

Classic sourdough.

Our baguettes are made the traditional French way.

Classic French baguette.

Our panettone is only available at Christmas, but it's worth the wait!


Focaccia is a favourite, and we have a special that changes seasonally.


Our classic olive bread.

Olive bread.

Our farmhouse loaf is soft, springy, and perfect for sandwiches.

Farmhouse loaf.